Sichuan-style Spicy Risotto


Sichuan-style Spicy Risotto

Tongue-Tingling Sichuan Risotto

In the vibrant world of Sichuan cuisine, we have taken the classic Italian risotto and given it a fiery twist. This Sichuan-style Spicy Risotto combines the creamy richness of traditional risotto with the bold flavors of Sichuan cuisine. Get ready to experience a symphony of numbing Sichuan peppercorns, spicy chili peppers, and fragrant aromatics in every bite.

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30 minutes

25 minutes

55 minutes

4 servings


Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Dairy-free (if using vegetable broth and omitting heavy cream), Low cholesterol, Low sodium


Vegan (due to the use of chicken or vegetable broth), Nut-free (Sichuan peppercorns may contain traces of nuts), Soy-free (due to the use of soy sauce)


While the original Italian risotto is known for its delicate flavors and creamy texture, this Sichuan adaptation brings a whole new level of heat and complexity. We have replaced the traditional ingredients like Parmesan cheese and white wine with Sichuan peppercorns, chili peppers, and Sichuan spices to infuse the dish with the distinctive flavors of Sichuan cuisine. We alse have the original recipe for Risotto, so you can check it out.


  • Calories (kcal / KJ): 380 kcal / 1590 KJ
  • Fat (total, saturated): 18g, 8g
  • Carbohydrates (total, sugars): 47g, 3g
  • Protein: 6g
  • Fiber: 2g
  • Salt: 1.5g


  1. 1.
    In a small saucepan, bring the chicken or vegetable broth to a simmer and keep it warm.
  2. 2.
    In a dry skillet over medium heat, toast the Sichuan peppercorns and crushed red chili peppers until fragrant, about 1-2 minutes. Remove from heat and grind them into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle or a spice grinder.
  3. 3.
    In a large saucepan or wok, heat the vegetable oil over medium heat. Add the chopped onion and minced garlic, and sauté until translucent.
  4. 4.
    Add the Arborio rice to the saucepan and stir to coat it with the oil. Cook for 1-2 minutes, until the rice grains are slightly toasted.
  5. 5.
    Stir in the Sichuan chili bean paste, soy sauce, and sugar, and cook for another minute.
  6. 6.
    Begin adding the warm broth to the rice, one ladleful at a time, stirring constantly until the liquid is absorbed before adding more. Continue this process for about 20 minutes, or until the rice is cooked al dente.
  7. 7.
    Stir in the ground Sichuan peppercorn and chili powder, followed by the heavy cream. Cook for an additional 2-3 minutes, until the risotto is creamy and well combined.
  8. 8.
    Remove from heat and let the risotto rest for a few minutes. Serve hot, garnished with chopped scallions.

Treat your ingredients with care...

  • Sichuan peppercorns — Toasting the peppercorns before grinding them enhances their flavor. Be careful not to over-toast them as they can turn bitter.
  • Sichuan chili bean paste — Adjust the amount according to your spice preference. Add more for extra heat or reduce for a milder flavor.

Tips & Tricks

  • For a vegetarian version, use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth.
  • Customize the spice level by adjusting the amount of Sichuan chili bean paste and crushed red chili peppers.
  • To make it more authentic, you can add Sichuan peppercorn oil as a finishing touch.
  • Serve the risotto immediately after cooking to enjoy its creamy texture.
  • Leftover risotto can be transformed into delicious arancini (risotto balls) by shaping them, coating in breadcrumbs, and frying until golden brown.

Serving advice

Serve the Sichuan-style Spicy Risotto hot as a main course. Garnish with chopped scallions for added freshness and a pop of color.

Presentation advice

Present the Sichuan-style Spicy Risotto in individual bowls, allowing the vibrant red color of the dish to shine through. Consider adding a sprinkle of ground Sichuan peppercorns on top for an extra visual appeal.